Beyond Aesthetics: The Practical Pluses of Glass Balustrades

There is something about that clean, clear look of glass balustrade. Its smooth, straight lines are just so appealing, and it looks beautiful on both bespoke, contemporary homes and period homes. It allows you to see the stairs, which is a boon if you have installed a dramatic staircase with beautiful risers and treads.

Beyond the aesthetics, however, glass balustrade offers practical pluses as well, making it a wonderful alternative to the traditional wooden handrail and spindles so many staircases sport. The glass may look fragile and light, but it is extremely durable and strong, and this combination of qualities has provided numerous opportunities for homeowners to use it in the interior design.

Let us dig deep for many other practical pluses of glass balustrade:

Around a Balcony

Australian building standards require a barrier and handrail for balconies, particularly those that are more than 1.2 metres from the ground. Glass balustrading is perfect for this purpose. Not only does it look fantastic, it is usually made from toughened, Grade A glass, which means it offers the ultimate safety and perfect view of the outdoors.

In Outdoor Areas

Glass balustrading can also be used to separate your patios and outdoor areas — again, without obscuring the view.

Using it as a glass border in your house — around the front, back, or the entire yard — can give your home an added curb appeal, too. Use it to line the walkways or outline the garden areas of your yard. And because many home buyers love glass borders, a professionally installed and well-placed glass balustrade can also increase the value of your home.

Around Pools

Glass balustrade provides the same advantages that regular fencing does, but you will not get the feeling of being closed in.

Glass pool fences are easy to clean and keep up. The only thing you need is a hose to clean the dirt and dust off the glass panels. Because of its transparency, it gives off a feeling of more space. It makes the backyard appear larger, too, and can be blended into any kind of pool décor or furnishing.

In addition, while glass balustrade looks fairly fragile, it lets parents keep an eye on their children playing in the pool.

When you want to do some decorating that is beyond the ordinary, particularly when it comes to aesthetics and practicality, consider installing glass balustrades. At Jigsaw Balustrades, we offer a range of frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrade, which we can customise according to your needs.

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