Bigger is Better for Homes this 2016

One-of-a-kind home designs are the game changers of today’s home remodelling industry. A number of homeowners are now focusing on personalising homes traditionally not custom-made. Based on the current pace of renovations, future homes will be tailor-made to suit the different interests of homeowners.

The year 2016 holds a number of promising changes in the field. Keep up with the changing times by incorporating these new ideas to your home remodelling project:

A More Personalised Space

One of the most significant considerations during the remodelling process is personalising ideal spaces according to your lifestyle. While staying with traditional designs is admirable, customisation reflects your personal style.

Nowadays, a number of homeowners request customised services from home improvement specialists. They wish to take advantage of the free spaces in their home and do so by applying custom improvements. These personal additions also give homeowners the opportunity to complement their current lifestyle.

Whether to give your home a unique edge, such as crafting simple balustrades for the stairs, to modify custom workspaces, or to add the latest technology, incorporating your personal taste works wonders.

Say Hello to Spacious Kitchens

Some homeowners prefer to spend more money on improving their kitchen than on other rooms in the house. Today’s kitchen amenities go beyond the usual countertops and sinks. New innovations include bigger pantries and oversized islands.

Most kitchen renovations involve removing walls between rooms and other adjoining spaces. This gives the kitchen a larger space to accommodate more friends and family.

Tiny Bathrooms No More

This 2016, your tiny bathroom can be the spa you have always wanted. When you can customise your bathroom, do not settle for the traditional design. You can transform your peaceful retreat into a fancy room for relaxation. By simply adding a bathtub, some glass shower screen and a new sink, you can redesign your master bathroom into an oasis of comfort.

If you are ready to welcome the New Year with these new developments, make sure to consult with professionals. Jigsaw Balustrades will be more than happy to assist you. Contact us now and learn more about how we can help.