Exercise Great Care When Installing Glass Fixtures

Authentic glass fixtures will always be delicate. Heavy and irreparable, you have to be very careful with all aspects of handling and care. More than that, actual glass products come with a considerably heavy price tag that you might now want to encounter again so soon. All of these things mean one thing: opting to do glass projects by yourself is never a good idea. Unless you have experience using glass as a construction material, it is ideal to let a professional have a go at it.

Nonetheless, if you are adamant that you can do the work, at least get some help. You already know that glass is a fragile material, but it is even harder to manage when it is bigger. This is the case with balustrades and we here at Jigsaw Balustrades can help in our own way to make your project a success.

Doing DIY Right

We know just how difficult the job can be, which is why we offer our DIY glass balustrade kits. This will hopefully make installation easier. We are also fully aware that glass fixtures are not everyone’s cup of tea; it may even be less of an interest. But, we understand if you want to get things done by yourself.

Our DIY kits come straight from our fully equipped workshop. Our personnel bring the same things with them to installation jobs and, for your convenience, the equipment are ready to assemble. We only need the specifications to make a balustrade system that fits your exact needs.

Furthermore, everything will depend on your budget. But, rest assured that you will get designs and materials bereft of compromise in quality. We will put labels on every piece and include instruction details for ease of use. It is also likely that you do not have to use minimal amounts of adhesives in the installation.

Post-Purchase Service

Here at Jigsaw Balustrades, we do not leave our DIY customers to figure everything out by themselves. You can call us anytime if you need help with any part of the installation process. We assure you that we are dependable, even over the phone.

Contact us for more details.