Get the Modern House You Want

What’s the difference between modern and contemporary design aesthetics? Or yet, is there? These two design concepts are commonly mistaken as similar, as they share a lot of common stylistic elements, and they are also both highly popular these days.

At its most literal, the word contemporary refers to design, style or architecture that is being produced today, while modern is a break from the past, which conceptually means anything but or after the traditional styles before the Industrial Revolution.

Modern design, for instance, includes structures of steel or concrete, the absence of elaborate ornament, large expanses of glass, whitewash or the element of stucco over brick and other minimal exterior expression, and open floor plans, among other design concepts.

Australians Like Modern Design

Distinction between the two settled, recent data suggests that Australians like their houses with modern interiors. Homeowners like their interiors to be crisp, calm and clean. They favour clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and striking furniture with purpose, but also with charisma.

This usually involves building materials such as steel and glass, from balustrade to storage shelves, fencing to kitchens. It also typically involves an open floor plan, which not only allows for more flow and light, but also for keeping spaces functionally accessorised rather than overwhelmed.

Transform Your Home

Most of us don’t always have the perfect home. Sometimes, the house we purchase doesn’t have this or can’t have that, so there’s always a lot of work to do to transform the house or apartment into a space we consider stylish and homely.

If you want to achieve the modern aesthetic in your apartment or home, we can help you with that. We can modernize your staircases, porches, decks, terraces, balconies and entranceways. With our frameless glass balustrade, your house is sure to exude the vibe you’re looking for.

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