The Height of Modernity: Glass in Your Home

One of the mainstays in a modern home is the extensive use of glass. Floor-to-ceiling windows, glass balustrades and sliding doors are attractive and luxurious. Glass looks elegant, is easy to clean, and brings in much needed natural light into a building.

Glass serves as a focal point for many areas. It works well with staircases, decks and balconies. Modern designer homes use glass extensively throughout the house. It makes the place look expensive, but still cosy and inviting.

Modern glass materials

Several years ago, glass was not as widely used as it is today. In the past, glass was used solely for windows. Its brittle nature meant it constantly needed support because it could shatter at the slightest amount of force.

In the past, annealed glass was the only option available. Annealed glass is a basic flat glass that breaks into large shards with sharp, jagged edges. While this type of glass still sees some use in window applications, it lacks the structural strength of new materials.

Toughened glass is now the preferred type for use in construction. Unlike annealed glass, the material breaks into tiny, roughly rectangular pieces. The edges can still cut skin, but it rarely cuts as deeply as standard glass shards.

Toughened glass is preferred in various safety applications. It is less likely to cause serious injury if it breaks. It’s also more solid and durable, making it perfect for use in frameless balustrades and glass doors.

Form and function

Toughened glass is both beautiful and functional. It has the most attractive features of glass but is safer and long-lasting. It is strong enough to support itself and is easy to install just about anywhere.

When used in balustrades, you can screw handrails directly into the glass without the need for additional support. This gives your stairs a ‘floating’ appearance that looks modern and chic.

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