Ideas to Transform Your Balcony into a Relaxing Retreat

The balcony is one of the ideal spaces at home to get some fresh air, especially if you are living in an urban area. Many homeowners today are designing it in a way that each family member (and guests) can relax at any time of day. Why not do the same and transform the balcony to make it more inviting for everyone? Listed below are some ideas to help turn your balcony area into a retreat:

Reading Nook

The key to a relaxing reading nook is good seating furniture. Install a sofa, a pod or even a hammock — any type of seat that makes you feel comfortable. A footrest is a good addition, as well. Make the most of natural light during the day then install overhead lights or a lamp for night time reading.

Snack Area

Get a table and chairs then use colourful accents to make snack time enjoyable. It is up to you if you want to put a tablecloth or choose chairs with cushion. Make the area look larger with our frameless glass balustrades. The transparency of glass allows natural light to brighten up the space and helps extend the eye view, so you can appreciate the view better.

Small Garden

Install square or rectangular potted plants along the edges of your balcony to create a border. If you want the plants to be in one place, setting up a tall cabinet on the side will do. If you have old shutters, you can DIY and hang it on the wall to give vines a place to crawl. Hanging planters are ideal, but make sure the area you are hanging them is sturdy.

At Jigsaw Balustrades, we provide you with frameless glass balustrades that help improve the appeal and function of your balcony. Let us talk about your projects today. Contact us to get a quote.