The Standards We Follow: A Rundown of Australia’s Glass Balustrade Guidelines

Here at Jigsaw Balustrades, we value the safety, strength and style of our products, which is why we would like to share with you the safety standards we adhere to while installing quality glass fixtures inside your home.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) lists standards for the use of glass in buildings. These guidelines are what we strictly follow in our work, making sure that all installations of balustrades, shower screens and pool fencing comply with safety regulations.

  • The BCA defines balustrades as fixtures intended to prevent falls of 1m or more along the side of any roof to which public access is provided, any stairway or ramp, any floor, corridor, hallway, balcony, deck, veranda, mezzanine, access bridge or the like and along the side of any delineated path of access to a building.
  • A structure also qualifies as a balustrade if a 125mm sphere is able to pass through an overhead window at least 4m from the ground. Our famous frameless balustrades all comply with these location-based guidelines, crafted with a thickness in accordance to the BCA.
  • The guidelines state that balustrades must not be less than: 1 meter above the floor of any access path, balcony, landing or the like; and 865mm above the floor of a ramp or the floor beneath any window similar to the one described earlier.
  • It is also important for us builders to prevent the possibility of climbing glass balustrades, which is why we do not place horizontal elements between 150mm and 760mm above the floor.

The use of glass in construction is a relatively modern development. Glass has developed into a strong and elegant alternative to traditional materials such as stone, wood or metal. But, as with every material, there are safety regulations people need to follow. If you are planning to have one of our glass fixtures installed in your home, you may refer to these guidelines in incorporating Australian standards to your intended balustrade design.

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